The Best Dry Dog Food for My LOVES…

I am a HUGE animal lover and have 2 beautiful Papillon’s, that I love dearly.    The male is the oldest at 8 years old (48 years old in dog years!) and a female puppy at 8 months old.  I have tried all sorts of dry dog food from, Puppy Chow, Halo, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Iams and to my all-time favorite, Three Dog Bakery.

To be honest, I never paid much attention to what brand or the ingredients for the older dog’s food.  I am completely ashamed that I did not care about what I was feeding him.  I basically just bought what looked appealing to me (like I was the one that was going to be eating it?) or what was on sale.  After I did a little more research on dog food, I found out that I should get food that did not have avocado or grains.  I finally settled with the Halo Brand and would get him the Spot’s Stew – Wild Salmon Recipe.  He enjoyed it and I thought we had found him the best dog food.

Then, one day I was talking with one of my old co-workers about our dog’s and the type of dog food we feed them came up.  She told me since her dog has a sensitive stomach, her dog cannot eat regular store bought dog food.  Therefore, she was referred by one of her friends to the Three Dog Bakery in Vegas.  She said that her dog loved the food and her dog didn’t have any issues eating the food.

So, that weekend, I went with my boyfriend to check out this place.  We loved it immediately!  The store is so cute and clean!  It smelled liked baked goods, as they make yummy, cute and healthy goodies for doggies onsite.  They also had their own doggies walking around behind the counter and they had doggy beds back there too!  We loved that the owners and workers were HUGE dog lovers!

We tried the recommended Bake to Nature – Chicken Recipe Adult Formula, in the 4lb bag to see if our dog would like it or not. We of course had to get one of their cute baked goods and they also gave us a sample of the fish recipe to try.  They told us that since their dog food doesn’t smell, our dog may have a hard time transitioning to their food.  Therefore, they advised us to mix their food with his current dog food.  We did like they said and he transitioned perfectly fine.  They also said that we would notice that our dog would smell better, as their food does not have any preservatives, soy, artificial colors, flavors, additives, wheat, soy or corn.  We noticed that he smelled much better in a few weeks!  It really amazed the both of us!  We started buying the 24lb box for him for about $70, which is not bad at all!  We go there every 4 months and get either the chicken or fish recipe.  We also always got a cute treat!

When we got our puppy last year, she was 5 weeks and itty bitty.  The breeder was feeding her the Science Diet Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food.  Our puppy was a good eater and enjoyed eating the food.  My boyfriend and I noticed immediately that the food smelled, as the Three Dog Bakery food does not smell.  When she was almost done with the food that the breeder gave us, we went out to buy her more puppy food.  Our puppy was teeny tiny, so I wasn’t sure if she would be able to eat the Three Dog Bakery food, as it is a little larger than regular dog food.

So, we decided to go to Petco and see our options.  We looked at a few brands for puppies, and after reading the ingredients, we noticed immediately that there was a lot of fillers and preservatives in them.  We did find a brand that had ingredients that actually had less fillers and more meat and vegetables in it.  It was Merrick’s Grain Free Puppy Recipe.  We got it and fed it to the Hungry Little Hippo.  She ate everything in her bowl right away!  Hungry Little Hippo approved!  The food did smell a little better than the Science Diet one, but it did still smell and her breath was always a little smelly.  I just thought that was how puppy’s smelled, as the puppy food had a lot of extra nutrients?  (Crazy self talk that I told myself)

We still bought the oldest dog his Three Dog Bakery food and as she got older, she would always eat his food more than her own.  We decided when she was 6 months, that we would just have her eat the Three Dog Bakery food with our oldest.  The Hungry Little Piggy didn’t mind at all.  And, guess what we noticed after about 2 weeks?  Yup, her breath wasn’t smelly and she just smelled better all together.  This dog food is amazing and definitely worth every penny!

As dog owners, we have to remember that our doggies will eat anything that we give them.  That is why it is very important to provide the very best food for them.  Of course cooking them fresh meat and veggies is the ultimate meal for them.  But, if you cannot do that for them, then Three Dog Bakery is definitely the next best thing!  I will eventually meal prep for my doggies, but until then….Three Dog Bakery it is!

I have come to think that dog food with all of those fillers and not much nutrients, is basically like fast food for doggies.  We definitely can eat fast food with no problem, but we know that it is not healthy for us and might possibly make us smell different.  I never thought about it before, but that totally makes sense, what we put in our body…plays a huge factor on how our bodies/breath smells.

If you’re interested in ordering their awesome dog food or just want to check them out,  please click on their link here: Three Dog Bakery


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